America Saves New Partner Packet: Ring in the New Year with a New Financial You

Another election season is behind us and one thing is for sure, many people are uncertain of what their financial situation will be in the coming years. What doesn’t change is the fact that people still need to have money saved to pay for unexpected expenses and even more to realize their savings goals. While the future may not be clear, we are ready and excited to take advantage of opportunities and meet the challenges that will arise. We look forward to continue our with you to motivate millions of members, customers, clients, employees, friends, and family members to set a goal, make a plan, and save automatically.

– Nancy Register, America Saves Director

Partner Resource Packet: Ring in the New Year with a New Financial You

The holiday reports are in and retail spending is expected to reach its highest point since the Great Recession. Many reports also show that people are feeling more secure about their finances as a whole and are planning their purchases more strategically. We want to celebrate this fact by encouraging savers to take these good financial habits with them into the New Year.
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The savings tools, digital content, and strategies found in the partner packet are yours to share with clients and constituents.

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