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student loan protections for military

California’s Servicemember Protections Expanded for Student Loans

It’s not enough that our military service members have to worry about their family when protecting our country, but some have to worry about their student debt as well – with all that interest accruing! Well, they can breathe a little easier, as with the start of the new year, California has expanded protections for service members with student loans. Read the full article here: California’s Servicemember Protections Expanded for Student Loans

It’s important for all student borrowers (military or civilian) to communicate with their loan providers and be fully informed of all their student loan options. The Department of Business Oversight (DBO) licenses and regulates student loan providers (also referred to as “servicers”) engaged in business in the state of California, enforcing violations of the underlying law, the Student Loan Servicing Act. If you have questions pertaining to your servicer or need to file a complaint, contact us at www.dbo.ca.gov or call toll free 1-866-275-2677.

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