Are You Eligible for PG&E’s SHARE Pilot Program?

PG&E’s Subsidized Housing Assistance Relief for Energy (SHARE) Pilot Program focuses on alleviating homelessness by resolving the unpaid PG&E energy debt for eligible subsidized housing assistance participants.

Working with other partners and housing authorities, PG&E has been able to mitigate homelessness for approximately 350 households since implementation of SHARE in 2018.

SHARE Eligibility Requirements:

• Subsidized housing assistance participant (inclusive of all programs) of a SHARE Pilot participating

• Housing Authority At risk of losing housing benefits or inability to secure housing due to unpaid PG&E energy debt only

Please contact your leasing or housing specialist to confirm your eligibility.  The DBO and PG&E understand the importance of collaboration to help our communities. Homelessness is an issue that impacts everyone.

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