Data Breach Reported by Capital One

Companies, banks and businesses have firewalls to protect against computer hackers, but unfortunately there are some who can ‘burn’ right through those walls of protection.

First Equifax, the oldest credit bureau in the U.S., and now Capital One Financial Corporation, the fifth largest U.S. credit-card issuer.

It’s been reported that an employee is accused of breaking through Capital One’s firewall to access customer data which the bank stored on Amazon’s cloud service. That’s the personal information of over 100 MILLION card customers and applicants. Read more here:

Even though free credit monitoring is being offered to those who are affected by these data breaches, all consumers need to be proactive:

  • Watch your credit card statements, make sure there are no charges not incurred by you, if so, contact your creditor immediately to dispute the charge(s).
  • Contact the credit bureaus to check your credit report (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion).
  • Watch mail for new credit statements in your name you haven’t applied for.
  • Be careful with providing information to someone calling you about your credit card. If they ask you questions, hang up and instead, call the phone number listed directly from your credit card.
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission about credit freezes and identify theft at

To learn about more scams and how to not become a victim, contact the Department of Business Oversight at 866-275-2677 or and obtain a copy of our Protect Yourself from Fraud booklet.

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