New CalSavers Website and Program set to Make Retirement-Saving Easier

California State Treasurer John Chiang has announced the new CalSavers website will launch next month, November, 2018. With nearly half of middle-income workers in the state at risk of retiring into economic hardship, CalSavers will specifically address this personal savings crisis by providing employers and their employees access to a new retirement savings program, helping

California Retirement Savings Program Now Called CalSavers

California State Treasurer John Chiang announced that the Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program, which will provide retirement security to nearly 6.8 million private sector workers, has a new name: CalSavers. “The name CalSavers truly reflects what this program is all about — providing an opportunity for millions of Californians to easily save for retirement in

National Retirement Planning Week® April 11-15, 2016 – Partner Kits

National Retirement Planning Week® 2016 Partner Kits The following four National Retirement Planning Week® 2016 Participant Kits are designed to support your efforts to engage in this important week. To help promote the value of retirement planning, please click on the kit that best speaks to your audiences. You’ll find a variety of marketing collateral,