Money as You Grow Book Club

Money as You Grow book club

Start here to find popular books for children ages 4 to 10 that you can read together and discuss. Our book list and guides can help you get started reading and talking about money choices like saving, spending, and more.

About the book club

The Money as You Grow book club is a family financial education program that uses children’s books to help families learn key money concepts through reading, play, and quiet one-on-one talks.

Many parents and caregivers are eager to build a good financial literacy foundation for their kids, but might not feel they have enough time, tools, and confidence. Fortunately, many of the building blocks for financial well-being – like patience, planning, and problem-solving – don’t require a lot of financial know-how.

Bring the book club to your library

With our implementation guide, you can set up a book club in your library, school, or other organization. The facilitator can be anyone who wants to help parents and young children build positive money attitudes and habits. The step-by-step implementation guide shows you how.

Books and guides to use at home

Browse through the books and choose one you’d like to read with your child. The books should be readily available at your library or bookstore. Then, download the discussion guide to print out or read on your screen.

Order free printed copies of the discussion guides in bulk at .

Choose among our featured books

A Bargain for Frances

by Russell Hoban

Summary: Frances saves and saves for a china tea set. Her friend Thelma tricks her into buying an old plastic tea set. Frances finds a way to get what she really wants.

Key ideas: Setting goals, staying true to yourself

Age: 6 and up

Download discussion guide

A Chair for My Mother

by Verna Williams

Summary: A family loses all their furniture in a fire. They set a goal to buy a chair for mother. The family, neighbors, and friends work together for success.

Key ideas: Setting goals, earning

Age: 6 and up

Download discussion guide

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Inside the guides: Tips to make reading more fun

Each guide contains tips like these:

  • Hold the book (or have your child hold the book) so everyone can see it
  • If your child knows how to read, ask her to read along with you
  • Ask your child questions as you go, like “What happens next? What should the characters do? How do they feel?”
  • Ask your child questions after you finish reading, like “What did you like best? What’s the main idea? Has anything like that happened to you? What did you do, and what if you could do it over?”

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