New CalSavers Website and Program set to Make Retirement-Saving Easier

California State Treasurer John Chiang has announced the new CalSavers website will launch next month, November, 2018.

With nearly half of middle-income workers in the state at risk of retiring into economic hardship, CalSavers will specifically address this personal savings crisis by providing employers and their employees access to a new retirement savings program, helping up to 7.5 million save for their retirement.

This easy-to-navigate site allows employers to apply for this pilot program and prepare for a statewide launch next year. It gives employees access to a completely voluntary, low-cost, portable retirement savings program, with professionally managed investments overseen by a public and transparent board of directors, chaired by Treasurer Chiang.

For more information about CalSavers, visit the CalSavers website, email, or follow the program on Twitter at @CalSavers.

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