Are You Eligible for PG&E’s SHARE Pilot Program?

PG&E’s Subsidized Housing Assistance Relief for Energy (SHARE) Pilot program focuses on mitigating homelessness by resolving the unpaid PG&E energy debt for eligible participants.

SHARE eligibility (all required):

  • A subsidized housing assistance participant of a SHARE participating Housing Authority
  • At risk of a service disconnection or inability to secure housing due to an unpaid PG&E energy bill only

PG&E is partnering with numerous Housing Authorities to help eligible participants. The DBO, PG&E, and our SHARE participating Housing Authority partners understand the importance of collaboration to help our communities. Homelessness is an issue that impacts everyone. Please contact your leasing or housing specialist to confirm your Housing Authority’s participation and your eligibility. PG&E and the SHARE participating Housing Authorities are eager to help you.

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