April is Financial Literacy Month!

The month of April has been recognized as Financial Literacy Month in the United States since 2003 to encourage organizations across the nation to provide financial education in communities and influence individuals to make smarter decisions about spending & saving money.

Millions of Americans are tasked with paying outstanding expenses making it hard for extra income to be saved at the end of each month. A study found that over 50% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. With these alarming statistics, mainstream financial literacy programs are being implemented in school curricula and public programs. Regardless of demographics or socioeconomic status, financial literacy is for all.

6 Tips on how to start taking financial control of your life:

  1. Set a monthly, weekly, or even a daily budget
  2. Use Mobile budgeting apps and set notifications when you’re reaching budget limits
  3. Re-evaluate all of your monthly subscriptions (Netflix, Gamefly, Lootcrate, etc.) and remove those you don’t use
  4. Sign up for a personal finance course at a local community college or watch free courses on YouTube
  5. Research and visit community events in your area regarding financial literacy
  6. Hire or enlist a “money mentor” or a “financial coach”

You are responsible for your own financial freedom, and with the help of many financial resources available this month, you can educate yourself on how to gain financial freedom! It’s time for you to take action!

The 2019 California Financial Literacy Resource Fair will be hosted by the Department of Business Oversight in two locations Sacramento and Los Angeles. These events are an opportunity to highlight resources available to Californians’ regarding affordable financial services, free tax assistance, smart money management, avoiding financial fraud and scams as well as saving for emergencies, college, and retirement.

Click the link for more details of these events: http://cdbo.info/calresourcefair


Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/markavallone/2018/03/31/april-is-financial-literacy-month-why-financial-wellness-matters/#23accb0e6f13


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