Online dating scam

For the love of you or your money?

Maybe your last relationship just didn’t work out or you’re just looking for a companion. There are many new online sites, apps, and advertisements providing opportunities to meet a new partner. Even older adults are taking to the Internet to find romance. But beware! These places are also channels where scammers target you – especially if you’re emotionally vulnerable.

Once you find that special someone, you may connect through social media, but there’s just one thing you can’t observe through Skype or Facetime – and it’s usually the same excuse they give you as to why they can’t meet up in person: because they don’t have money – an excuse they use to pull your heart’s strings and lure you into their trap. Don’t be fooled – it’s not you; its your money they’re after.

Read more in this CNN article where a romance-scam targeted women worldwide was ran by Nigerian men:

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