Tis the Season – Be Holiday Shopping Safe

Holiday shopping is in full swing! It’s always best to shop in a group, walk in lighted areas, travel light, and carry only the necessary credit cards, cash and identifications. But as we go from store to store, searching for the best deals, scammers are shopping for victims and ways to obtain access to our wallets. Here are a few tips to keep yourself safe:

Holiday shopping tips:

Credit Card vs. Debit Cards: Using a credit card versus a debit card gives better protection against card jacking. There are skimmers that have been found in some of the machines inside of department stores. Disputing charges on a credit card is much better than having your bank account be depleted through the use of a debit card.

Cash Carriers: Even though using cash keeps you from racking up credit card debt, it can be unsafe to display a large wad of cash for a purchase. Try and limit the amount of cash you are carrying and be mindful of your surroundings – you never know who is watching!

Online Shopping: Shop at websites you trust. To recognize a secure website, make sure the lock icon in the web browser’s navigation bar is in a closed position and a “https” is displayed in the URL.

Copycat Websites: There are copycat websites surfacing (i.e. amazon.con vs. amazon.com) that can be easily overlooked. Always double check the web address of the site before you complete your online purchase.

Beware of payment-error messages: If you receive a message indicating “there has been a problem with your purchase” and instructs you to re-enter your payment information – verify the website closely before doing so.

More from the Federal Trade Commission https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/2019/11/ftcs-tips-happy-holiday-shopping?utm_source=slider

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